Building Disability Apps

Right now I’m doing my last course for college, after which I’ll do a graduation project at a pretty cool IT company before getting my Bachelor’s degree. It’s also why I’ve been absent the past two weeks.

The course is about how to build Android apps and it got me interested in making apps to make life more accessible. As a programmer I should always keep in mind how to make programs that are as accessible as possible for its users, such as allowing the font to be changed or changing the back ground colour for better visibility, so I want to do something similar for our day to day life.

To begin doing that, I’ve created a survey where I ask which disabilities people have, how those disabilities affect their lives, which apps they’re currently using and what kind of apps they want or need. I’ve also asked which platform they use to help me decide which platform I’ll build for first and how they would be willing to contribute to the costs of making those app.

At the time of writing this post, Android and iOS had the same amount of users, so at this point I’ve decided that I’ll start with Android, mainly because it’s cheaper to develop for it (one time 25$ registration fee as opposed to Apple’s 99$ a year subscription fee) and I’ve gotten some experience with it already during this course.

It seems that mainly a good organisational app and a good AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) app are wanted, so I’ll start with those. Of course I’ll first need to do some more research on those subjects, so I’ll do some literature research first, possibly supplementing it with more surveys. After those I’ll start on the other app suggestions.

You can find the answers I’ve gotten on this survey here.

The survey is still open to answer, and I’ll probably keep it that way for a long time, so if you’re disabled and haven’t already filled in the form, please do so here.