New Year’s Resolutions – 2015

I haven’t made any New Year’s Resolutions in the past, mainly because I didn’t have any specific goals in the past, but now I do and I also have a platform to tell everyone and keep myself accountable to keeping those resolutions.


My first resolution is to learn more languages. When I was in China I made friends from all around the world, Korea, Japan, Thailand, The Philippines, Australia, Poland and Slovenia to be exact. Most of them know English, and the ones that don’t I can talk with in Chinese, but it still would be nice to be able to talk with them in their native languages.

I’ve already begun learning Korean and Japanese, because they have similarities with Chinese, so I hope they will be easier to begin with and will also improve my Chinese. On Amazon I’ve found some decent books to begin learning Polish, Tagalog and Thai, you can see them if you click on Wish List in my about section, or here, it’ll link you to my Amazon UK wish list.  Once I feel confident enough with my Korean and Japanese abilities, I’ll begin learning the other languages too.

I feel that the books I have found are a good introduction to most languages I want to learn, but if you have any recommendations for the other languages, please let me know. Any other ways for me to learn and improve my language skills are more than welcome.


My second resolution is to build my first app. It doesn’t have to be presentable yet, but it has to fully work. I already have some ideas for what kind of apps I want to make, including the disability apps that I talked about in my previous post, here. I will probably mostly work on the organiser app. So for this I first need to really analyse what everyone wants in an organiser and then I’ll need to research how to design an organiser. That should be easy enough, but then I’ll also need to design the app and research how to implement all those demands. It should keep me occupied for at least half a year, possibly longer with the workload I’ll get from also working on my graduation project.


My third and final resolution is to read and review more books. If you’ve checked out my wish list you’ll see that I also want to read more about social issues, such as privilege and oppression, and I have some other books already here at home. I want to start reviewing what I read, but to do that I need to fully read them first. And same as with my first resolution, if you have any good recommendations for me to read, please let me know.


As to how to hold my self accountable. At the end of next year I’ll go back to this post and see if I’ve managed to fulfil all my resolutions. I’ll write about it and post it here, while making my resolutions for the next year as well.


Now, before we head of into the new year tell me, what are your resolutions for 2015?


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