Busy Times

I haven’t been writing a lot lately. The main reason being that I’ve started my graduation project.
I can’t say too much about it, but it’s really interesting. I’m researching, mainly through trial-and-error, how to port a decade old Windows system to Android.

Between that and picking up boxing again, I haven’t had a lot of time to practice languages or make vlogs. I write scripts for the vlogs when I can, but I’ll probably film them after I graduate, when I have a bit more time.

I’ve also been looking into going back to China. I plan on going to Beijing this time, to practice more Mandarin under professional teachers. Since a good friend is studying at Tsinghua, I hope to go there, but I’m also applying to BLCU and BFA as backups.

Beijing is very expensive though, so I’ve also applied for a scholarship. If I can’t get that though I might try to crowd fund the difference between what I have and what I need. And if I get more then I can travel as well and visit more of my friends that live in that part of the world.

But anyway, since I’m so busy, I won’t keep to my regular planning of a new blog every monday. It’ll be more like a new blog every time I can.