Visiting Slovenia

mountain valley, Kriški Podi, Slovenia

I had a short vacation from school, so I decided to visit some friends I met in Xiamen. My first stop was Kranj in Slovenia.

I left from Amsterdam on Thursday by train, needing to switch trains in Düsseldorf and then again in Münich. When I arrived early on Friday morning in Ljubljana I took the time waiting on my friend to wander around the train station for a bit and have breakfast. It was after I got back to the train station and before my friend picked me up that I noticed that Ljubljana offers free wifi to all. They said it was only for an hour, but my friend assured me later that you can just get a new login code everytime the old one expires.

Trainstation, Ljubljna, Slovenia

Ljubljana trainstation

Slovenia - Statue of France Preseren with his muse in Ljubljana

Statue of Slovenian poet France Preseren with his muse



After she picked me up we first went to her home in Kranj, where I dropped off my backpack and freshened up a bit. Then we went sightseeing in Bled, a town that was close by. We first went up the hill to the castle which gave a great view on the lake, after which we went down to walk around the lake. When we were done seeing Bled we went to the city centre of Kranj to walk around there, before going back to her home to retire for the night.

Lake, Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled seen from the castle.

Castle, Lake, Church, Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled, with the castle in the background.

Kranj, Slovenia

City centre of Kranj.

Slovenia - Statue of France Preseren in Kranj

Statue of Slovenian poet France Preseren in Kranj


On Saturday she was busy with homework, so she dropped me off at the bus station of Ljubljana from where I took the bus to Koper, a town at the coast of Slovenia. I rented a bike and went from there to the salt flats of Sečovlje. I saw many things, but didn’t have enough time to see all I had planned, partly due to the fact that I got lost somewhere in Izola. I got to the salt flats, but I didn’t see Piran and Portorož on the way there, although my friend had recommended it to me before dropping me off.

Koper, Slovenia

Begging my bike ride from the beach in Koper

Bike ride, Lucan tunnel, Slovenia

Biking through Lucan Tunnel


Sunday morning we left early to go mountain hiking. We met up with some of her friends and after a short drive we got to the mountain range where we set off towards Kriški Podi. A mountain with a cabin at it’s top.  Nearing our goal I realised that as someone from the Netherlands, a practically completely flat land, I had nowhere near enough stamina to go up a 2000+ metre high mountain and back. Luckily everyone was very patient with me and if any of you are reading this, thank you so much for putting up with my whining as we were going down. On the plus side, I did manage to take some pretty amazing pictures of a pretty amazing environment.

Mountain Hike, Slovenia

We just got above the tree line in this picture.

mountain valley, Kriški Podi, Slovenia

Mountain valley at Kriški Podi

Mountains, Kriški Podi, Slovenia

Kriški Podi, the destination of the hike.


Monday was my last day in Slovenia and I spent most of its morning recuperating in bed from the previous day’s mountain adventure. Luckily my muscles weren’t too sore, thanks to my friend making me do stretches after we got down from the mountain, so I could happily go to Postojna caves. They’re the biggest caves in Slovenia and the most popular ones. We started by going on a 2 kilometre train ride to get deep into the cave, where our tour started. It’s a beautiful cave, but a bit too dark for good pictures.

Cave curtain, Postojna, Slovenia

Cave curtains in Postojna cave.

Stalagmite, Postojna, Cave, Slovenia

One of the stalagmites that you can find on the postcards for Postojna caves


After the cave I needed to take the bus back to Ljubljana, so I waited. And waited. And waited. But the bus didn’t come. I went to the train station, but there was something wrong with the trains and they weren’t riding at all. I was worried I wouldn’t make it to the bus to Kraków, but luckily I had met some Singaporean tourists that had also taken the tour in the cave and they agreed to share a taxi with me. If it weren’t for them I would have missed the bus, but now I even had time to see a bit of Ljubljana by night and have dinner before I left