Visiting Fujian


While you’re studying it’s important to take some time for yourself, and not just during the vacations you may or may not have. So while I was studying in Xiamen I took some time to visit the nearby cities Fuzhou and Quanzhou, which respectively are 2 and 1 hours away from Xiamen by train.

I organised my trip to Fuzhou by myself. I found a cheap hotel online, but when I arrived there were many people advertising their hotels around the trainstation that turned out to be much cheaper. So if you go there outside of a holiday you might want to take that into consideration. But, if you do travel during a holiday I strongly advise to book a hotel well in advance.

I stayed for 3 days, although I arrived late on the first day and left halfway through the third day, so I actually only had one and a half day there to do things.

I first went to Gushan, a mountain that was about half an hour away from the city centre. Half way up the mountain I met a group of middle schoolers that wanted to practice their English. Near the top was a gate to go to the actual top that I needed to pay for, although the mountain was free before that. It turned out to be worth it though. There was rock calligraphy and the view was great. I also met some people that had taken the day off from work to hang out. I went down the mountain with them and joint them for lunch, after which one of them brought me to nanhoujie, which is part of the 3 lanes 7 alleys.

Entrance to Gushan in Fuzhou, Fujian, China.

Entrance to Gushan

Calligraphy rock on Gushan in Fuzhou, Fujian, China.

Calligraphy rock on Gushan

Friso Denijs on Gushan in Fuzhou, Fujian China

Me high up on Gushan with a foggy Fuzhou behind me.

Walking through just that street took the rest of my day but it was really nice. There were many interesting shops, my favourite one being one that sold Fujian style wood sculptures.

Entrance to Nanhoujie in Fuzhou, Fujian, China.

Entrance to Nanhoujie.

Fujian style woodcarving in a shop in Nanhoujie in Fuzhou, Fujian, China.

Fujian style woodcarving in a shop in Nanhoujie.

The next day I first went to Wuyi square, I wanted to see the rising of the flag, which happens at sunrise, but I arrived to late. Luckily I was direct by a local to a temple left of Mao’s statue and up the hill. It was a lovely temple, but sadly I forgot to take pictures there.


Mao Zedong's statue at Wuyi square in Fuzhou, Fujian, China

Mao’s statue on Wuyi square.

After that I went to the Fujian provincial museum. It had many interesting exhibits, my favourite one being about Fujian opera. I was also very surprised when I saw a diaroma of Dutch people. It was of them surrendering to Zheng Chenggong after he reclaimed Taiwan. After the museum I left Fuzhou and went back to Xiamen.


Diorama of the Dutch surrendering to Zheng Chenggong in Fujian provincial museum in Fuzhou, Fujian, China

Diorama of the Dutch surrendering to Zheng Chenggong in Fujian provincial museum.


Later in the semester I went to Quanzhou for a day with a group of classmates. We first went to Kaiyuan temple. It’s a temple with large grounds. We spent most of our day there, wandering about.

Pagoda at Kaiyuan temple in Quanzhou, Fujian, China.

One of the two pagodas at Kaiyuan temple.

Mural at Kaiyuan temple in Quanzhou, Fujian, China.

Mural at Kaiyuan temple


Friso Denijs standing underneath trees in Kaiyuan temple in Quanzhou, Fujian, China.

Me underneath two crossing trees at Kaiyuan temple

Afterwards we went for a quick visit to Quanzhou museum, but it was nearly closing time and most of us were hungry, so we went out to eat and have drinks. We got back late and tired to our dorms, but we all had a good time.

Quanzhou museum in Quanzhou, Fujian, China

Quanzhou museum


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