Visiting Krakow

After my adventure in Slovenia it was time to visit my friend in Krakow.

I arrived Tuesday afternoon and took my time to pre-explore the city, before meeting up with my friend. Then we went into the Old City where she told me some of the history of Krakow and recommended some places for me to go on days when she was studying. Nearing the end of the day we went to where I would stay and we went by Zakrzówek, a former quarry that filled with water to form a lake.

Grunwald, Krakow, Poland, Travel

Memorial to the battle of Grunwald.

Barbican, Old City, Krakow, Poland, Travel

Barbican guarding the entrance to the Old City.

Lake Zakrzówek, Krakow, Poland, Travel

Lake Zakrzówek.


The next day we visited Wawel Castle, the home of the former monarchs of Poland. It had been looted during the second World War, but it has been restored quite a lot and the royal chambers exhibit was very interesting. After that my friend had to study, so I went to Podziemia Rynku on my own. It’s under the Cloth Hall in the Main Square and was an archeological dig, turned into a museum. It has many interesting things and you can learn a lot about Krakow’s history, especially from the films near the end.

Wawel Castle, Krakow, Poland, Travel

Wawel Castle.

Courtyard, Wawel Castle, Krakow, Poland, Travel

Wawel Castle courtyard.

Wawel Castle, Krakow, Poland, Travel

View from Wawel Castle.

Cloth Hall, Main Square, Old City, Krakow, Poland, Travel

Cloth Hall on the Main Square of Krakow.


On Thursday I went on the Free Walking Tour twice. The first tour was in the Old City where we walked around many well-known and some less known places while the tour guide told about the history and legends of those places. The second tour was about the Jewish history in Krakow, which also included their history during the second World War, but was not limited to just that. I wish I had more time in Krakow, so I could go on all of their tours. I definitely will go on the rest of their tours.

Saint Mary's Cathedral, Main Square, Old Town, Krakow, Poland, Travel

Saint Mary’s Cathedral by night.

Statue, Main Square, Old Town, Krakow, Poland, Travel

Statue of a student near Main Square

Dragon, Bones, Wawel Cathedral, Krakow, Poland, Travel

“Dragon” bones hanging at the entrance to Wawel Cathedral

Old Synagogue, Krakow, Poland, Travel

Old Synagogue, the oldest one in Krakow.


Friday was my last full day in Krakow. I went with my friend to Schindler’s factory. It’s a museum about what happened during WW2. It was emotionally very draining. The following morning I took the bus back to the Netherlands.


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